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Bara's T-shirt project, THE B-SHIRT!

Are you ready for the news?? Here they come 💞 B-SHIRTS! 💞
They are personalised T-shirts I will do for you and according to your specifications, each T-shirt will be UNIQUE and ONLY yours.
You will tell me who do you want to see on it, in which situation, and I will start working on it😎

On WHITE T-shirts you will be able to choose if print in colours or B/N

On BLACK T-shirts (or colourful ones) only B/N prints will be available.

In case you live far away from me, no problem, I will post it!
What more could you wish?
Please ask me for more information, I am always available for requests and I text back as soon as possible 💞
Thank you for your help @foto.grafica .
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